We recommend liquid detergent to be the most gentle on the garment, but powder is ok. Wash on a normal warm wash, and dry in the dryer. Therm garments won’t shrink! The dryer is necessary to reseal the waterproof coating and allow the water to bead off. If you do not dry in the dryer the water will soak into the garment next time it is worn (this can be fixed by rewashing and then drying in the dryer)

Generally this is after the garment has been submerged and as above has not had the heat of the dryer to reseal the coating. We recommend to wash the garment, and dry thoroughly in the dryer.

Nikwax Tech Wash is ok on all Therm garments. DO NOT use Nikwax TX Direct or any other wash in waterproofing on your SplashMagic garment. This will apply a waterproof coating to the garment in the wash, and will seal over the SplashMagic print (so the SplashMagic pattern will not show again)

You cannot use waterproof spray SplashMagic garments. As above this will coat over the SplashMagic pattern and it will no longer show when wet. You can use waterproof spray on any other (non SplashMagic) Therm garment.

We release new designs in February for Spring, which are then restocked in July ahead of the Fall season. We then release new Winter designs in August.

In general, if an item is discounted it will be from the previous year and will not be restocked. If you are looking at a new/full price item between February and June, then yes you can expect a restock in July.

Our warehouse is in Vancouver, BC. We have a remote office team and are available by email or social media.

We do not ship internationally from our Vancouver location. For NZ, Aus or US you can shop at www.therm.co.nz or www.thermkids.com. We do not ship to any other countries at this time. 

No we do not allow pick ups. If you need something urgently, we suggest you check with your local Therm stockist here.

We manufacture with our trusted supplier in China. We have worked with them for over 10 years!

We have made adults sizes in the past, but we are a small team and are focusing on our kids range for now.

Please visit our sizing page here

Tapered fit means the jacket is more of a girls fit, it’s slightly narrower at the waist rather than a straight cut. Unisex fit means it is a straight cut.

If your order has shipped, please use the tracking link emailed to you then contact the carrier to find out what has happened to your package. We do not have any control over packages once picked up, so it is most efficient for you to contact the carrier directly first.

Please visit our returns & exchange page here

All Therm garments are Non-Toxic; free from PFAs, PFCs, PVC, Phthalates and Lead. Compliant with CA Prop 65 requirements and tested independently by ACT Lab LLC based in Long Beach, California.