Your Guide to Surviving a Canadian Winter With Kids

Your Guide to Surviving a Canadian Winter With Kids
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  1. Get out of the house

In winter it can be tempting to go into hibernation, but you’ve gotta get out of the house. This will be the best thing for your sanity - and your kids too. Keeping cooped up can make the entire family go stir-crazy… and there are only so many episodes that you can binge on Disney Plus, right? Plan a day out. Maybe go sledding, or head to the Museum? Of course only head out if the weather is bearable, and it isn’t minus 30 degrees outside. 


  1. Layer up

 When it comes to getting dressed for winter - start with layers. Layering up is the best way to stay toasty warm and beat the cold Canadian weather! The more layers you have on the better. Once you start to heat up, you can start to take the layers off. Depending on where you live and how cold it is, you may need more layers or less. Always start with a base layer that's close to the skin, like a woollen or thermal - for the top and bottom. Then, add an All Weather Fleece Onesie or a pair of All-Weather Fleece Overalls for the little ones. These are windproof, waterproof and built to withstand harsh weather conditions. Paired with a Snowrider Winter Coat and a pair of Snowrider Ski Overalls, you’re good to go! Make sure you have thick woollen socks on and some comfortable boots for extra warmth. 


  1. Do some family exercise

 If you’re looking for a way to burn off all of your children's extra energy - this is the way to do it. Set up a family exercise class! One of you will lead as the instructor, and the others will follow. You can have turns being the instructor, this will make it fun as everybody gets involved. You can choose whether you feel like doing a relaxing yoga session or a fun and upbeat Zumba class!


  1. Play some child-friendly board games 

 You can never go wrong with a board game. Classic games like Connect 4 and Snakes, Guess Who and Snakes & Ladders are always entertaining! Even better if you’ve got a selection of board games to choose from. You can make a day of it and get competitive with prizes to be won!


  1. Get baking

Rainbow cookies anybody? Kids love baking! Baking allows children to tap into their creativity. They love mixing things together and decorating with fun colors and sprinkles! Baking promotes the development of learning and play. With baking, they can learn how to count and measure and basic life skills. We’re here to encourage you to bake with your children any time that you can! They love it and feel a real sense of accomplishment afterwards. Plus it's a great chance to make some good winter-warming desserts for the family to enjoy! 


  1. Visit the library

A trip to the local public library is always a good time. There’s so much to see and explore, and so many books to read! This is a really great way to encourage reading. By exposing your kids to books from an early age - you help them learn and gain literacy. By curiously flicking through the pages they’ve chosen to read, they’ll build a positive relationship with reading. This is helpful as reading is a skill we’ll use for the rest of our lives.

Some libraries will have playgrounds, others may even have childcare centres. This is a good way for them to meet new faces and interact, and will give you some much-needed R&R.  


  1. Schedule some playdates

Playdates are crucial to our child's growth and social development. They are a safe space for kids to explore, and build communication, and problem-solving skills. Aim to schedule a playdate at least once a week, depending on your child's age, and schedule. They can suit up in Therm, head outdoors and play in the snow! The All-Weather Hoodie is an all-rounder that’ll keep them snuggly and warm. Playdates are useful to learn to share and take turns, and even work through small disagreements. It’s also a good time for you to socialize with other parents, or have some time to yourself if it’s not your turn to supervise. 


So there you have it, there are our tips for surviving a Canadian winter with kids. We hope this has given you some new inspiration to do something new! Don’t let the snow stop you if you're debating heading outside. Suit up in Therm and go on an outdoor adventure.

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